Horticulture solution

In recent years, the development of domestic agricultural facilities is very rapid. Greenhouse plays an important role in the seasonal fruits and flowers production. However, at present, there are serious problems in the greenhouse. Due to the lack of light, the plant could not carry on the Photosynthesis effectively . The research shows that: more than 90% of the net weight of plants is the organic matter produced by photosynthesis. The lack of light has become a bottleneck restricting the development of agricultural facilities, not only affects the plant's production and quality, but also easily leads to the occurrence of various diseases and insect pests.

Artificial to create an efficient, energy saving, highly flexible lighting system, is of great significance to improve and promote the development of agricultural facilities.

A new generation of grow lighting system with our company’s independent research and development currently, is driven by digital ballast with excellent performance, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, high light efficiency, high reliability, energy saving and environmental protection. At the same time, applies the professional agricultural  sodium  lamp as the light source, emitting the light which is the same as the basic consistent spectral and intensity which plant photosynthesis required. Therefore, greatly improved the production and quality of plants, and achieved the control of plant maturity, enhanced the ability of plant disease and insect pests.