Ultraviolet disinfection

The medium pressure ultraviolet disinfection machine uses the principle of high-intensity ultraviolet radiation, directly destroys the virus DNA, and the disinfection efficiency can reach 99%, so as to protect the crops from the invasion of pathogens. The system can not only disinfect the irrigation water, but also disinfect the recycled water thoroughly, which can save fertilizer and reduce the production cost. After disinfection, water and fertilizer resources can be recycled to reduce waste and protect the environment.

Schematic diagram

Irrigation water disinfection process: The irrigation return water is collected into the unsterilized water tank, and after passing through the sand filter (to remove the floating impurities in the water for more efficient disinfection), then enters the disinfection machine.

The disinfection machine uses ultraviolet (UV-C) lamps to irradiate the irrigation water. The grower can set the required irradiation measurement through the software operating system or the disinfection machine screen. The system can use the frequency converter to automatically adjust the water flow speed , to ensure that the virus has been exposed to enough ultraviolet rays to achieve the effect of completely killing the virus.

The irrigation water after passing through the sterilizer is pumped into the sterilized water tank, which can be used for fertilizing and irrigation.

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