G-MES system

G-MES stands for Greenhouse-Manufacturing Execution System. G-MES can monitor the entire production process from raw materials to finished product warehousing, record the materials, equipment, product testing data and results used in the crop production process, and Information such as time and personnel on each process. The collection of this information is analyzed by the G-MES system, and the production progress, goal achievement status, product quality status, and the utilization status of people, machines and materials in the production process can be presented in real time through the system report, so that the entire production process can be realized. The production site is completely transparent. Managers can see the situation of the production site clearly through the cloud platform no matter when and where they are. The remote can also obtain information through G-MES to make plans, and customers far away from abroad can monitor their order progress and product quality through the system. Optimize the combination of the overall greenhouse production process to provide guarantee for food safety.

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