The power distribution cabinet is equipped with a lightning protection module to provide a current discharge channel to protect the safety of the electrical equipment at the rear stage.

Adopt bottom-in and bottom-out wiring method, front door, convenient wiring and maintenance;

With a drain flange, there is a fused rubber sealing strip at the corresponding position behind the door;

With two left and right waterproof covers, metal gauze is welded in the waterproof ventilation holes to effectively prevent water vapor and dust from entering;

With reliable grounding protection to ensure the safety of equipment and operation and maintenance personnel.


The power distribution cabinet adopts the structure of low-voltage power distribution cabinet. The strength of the cabinet is greater than or equal to 50KA/1S. The front door is operated with a single door.
Input rated voltage380V
Lightning protection levelC-level lightning protection
Appearance colorRAL7032
Appearance size800CM*400CM*2000CM
In and out wayDown in and down out
Installation methodVertical floor installation
cooling methodnatural cooling
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