The control unit is mainly composed of PLC and its expansion modules, and is controlled by a computer.

The PLC configured in this system is the core of the control and operation of the entire climate system. It controls and monitors the entire climate system, diagnoses and protects the system's faults, generates system reports on the computer, performs system fault alarms, and generates real-time system dynamics. Flow chart for setting system control parameters.

This product has three control modes: manual, automatic and remote control.

The main components of the control cabinet include transformers, AC contactors, PLC and its expansion modules, relays, flowmeters, EC*PH display screens, etc., as well as the electrical wiring and protection required.

The electrical appliances used are all international first-line brands such as Siemens and Omron, with high reliability and excellent performance.


The electrics of the control cabinet are installed by way of chute, which is very convenient to dismantle. There are overcurrent, overvoltage, overload and other protection circuits.
Input rated voltage and frequency380V , 50HZ
Appearance colorRAL7032
In and out wayDown in and down out
Installation methodVertical floor installation
cooling methodair cooling
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