Input powerthree-phase five-wire
Rate of flow/m³20
pHResolution 0.01

The acid conditioner can ensure that the plant obtains a stable pH value, so that the plant can absorb the fertilizer more efficiently and significantly improve the quality of the crop. The acid conditioner is a water pretreatment unit. It is specially designed to prevent problems caused by excessive bicarbonate. It has the effect of removing bicarbonate, so that the pH control of the fertilizer applicator becomes stable, so that it can act on the roots of plants. The pH of the irrigation solution will not rise. At the same time, we need to know that not all bicarbonate should be removed, as long as the concentration of bicarbonate is reduced to an ideal range, which can not only keep the pH value of the fertilizer applicator stable, but also allow the plants It is easier to absorb trace elements such as iron, zinc, copper and boron.

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