Megaphoton Inc. is the global leader in greenhouse lighting and the largest integrated HPS and LED in the world. Megaphoton original artificial light is rich, is the world's top greenhouse artificial light overall system solution provider, can meet the demand of various global greenhouse lighting, in the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Belgium, Turkey, the United States, Russia, Canada, Australia and other major modern facility agriculture country construction scale more modern facility agriculture project exceeds 300, It has built most of the domestic projects in the last decade, including the largest and most specialized modern facility agriculture project in the country. All products of the company have passed TUV (CE), EMC (Europe), UL/CUL, FCC (North America), CQC (CCC) and fishery inspection certificate and other series of safety performance certification.

Address: No.15, North Airport road, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, China
Phone: +86 0756 7630168
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